Triumph’s Tiger 900 Rally Pro Adventure Bike Tears Up The Trails

Triumph's Tiger 900 Rally Pro Adventure Bike Tears Up The Trails

Triumph’s Tiger 900 Rally Pro is the middleweight Adventure bike that offers you the perfect solution for on and off-road experiences.

Fitting neatly between its stablemates, the new 660cc lightweight and 1200 cc big bike, the 900 Rally Pro gives you a powerful and agile machine capable of long-range touring and blasts venturing off the beaten track. Jeremy Webb rides the bike on various surfaces to test it thoroughly.

The bike being ridden in the rocky areas by a beach

Adventure bike sales are booming, and every manufacturer is trying to grab a slice of the profitable market. The companies have to produce models which offer potential buyers something special, and Triumph is a brand continually doing this. They have enhanced their range of Tiger models, and within every cc category, they have a selection of choices so you can find the ideal bike.

Two of the motorcycles being ridden on soft sand

Riding the Triumph 900 Rally Pro is an exhilarating experience with plenty of power from the triple engine, which produces 93.9 bhp. All the 900 cc versions in the range share the same engine and performance specifications; you get varying selections of Riding Modes to optimise your riding requirements.

Your preferences are Rain, Road, Sport, Off-Road, Rider-configurable & Off-Road Pro on the Rally Pro. Opting, for example, Rain cuts the maximum bhp output and power delivery, adjusting for wet conditions on the road surfaces.

Adventure bikes have to be capable of taking you on long tours, eating up the miles and allowing comfortable riding for around three hours between breaks. The Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro will enable you to accomplish all these factors efficiently.

A side profile view of the bike on a white background

An ergonomic seat and adjustable windscreen aid you in staying on the bike as long as possible between stops because your bum doesn’t get numb, and you are protected from the air buffeting. Stress on your arms and back is reduced as the bars have been moved nearer the rider allowing a more upright riding position and less weight on the wrists.

Another side profile view of the bike

Owners can adjust the footpeg positions and seat height, too, to match their preferences. A larger twenty-litre fuel tank gives you close to two hundred miles range, equating to around three hours riding at good cruising speed.

Plenty of technology appears on the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally pro, and you get a super 7′ digital screen through which you select and see all the information you want. You can also connect your bike to your smartphone to plan rides, play music, and more. The bike comes with heated rider and pillion seats, heated grips, and handguards to be as comfortable as possible on any journey.

The Tiger 900 Rally Pro benefits from shift assist, enabling you to change gear without using the clutch again, aiding rideability.

A bonus for potential buyers is that the Tiger 900 GT and Rally motorcycles can be made A2 licence legal. Purchase the machine and ask the dealer to fit an A2 compliance kit that incorporates a dedicated APS twist grip and engine tune restricting power to 35kW/47bhp.

Once you have passed your A1 licence, get the dealer to remove the restriction to have a full-powered machine. Saving you having to purchase a lower bhp motorcycle than buying another bike when you pass your full licence.

A side profile view of the Tiger 900 Rally Pro from Triumph

The Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro makes a great choice if you are looking for an Adventure bike you want to take off-road and enjoy on the tarmac. Its lightness lets you get the best from its handling and agility on the slippery stuff and the black tarmac.

The engine is reliable and delivers plenty of power, allowing you to use the bike how you wish, tour, commute, play or cruise. The added advantage of it being convertible for A2 and A1 licences is attractive to Learners, and with its looks and performance, it will sell well.

Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro – Where and How?

Colour options for Tiger 900 Rally & Rally Pro:
The colours available are Matt Khaki, Sapphire Black and Pure White, with contemporary new decals and a distinctive white frame inspired by the ‘Tiger Tramontana’ rally bike.

For the 2023 Model year, a gorgeous new Sandstorm scheme is available with a Sandstorm fuel tank, beak and seat panel, Matt Jet Black tank end panel, and radiator cowls.

The Tiger 900 range includes 900 GT & GT Pro and Tiger 900. The base 900 starts at £11,500, and the Rally Pro starts at £13,500.

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Triumph's Tiger 900 Rally Pro Adventure Bike Tears Up The Trails 2

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