Five Brilliant London-Based Fitness Classes To Try in 2018

Five Brilliant London-Based Fitness Classes To Try This Autumn

Leanne Kelsall rounds up the best new exercise classes to hit London’s luxury fitness scene

Our capital city is at the cutting-edge of fitness and the past couple of years has seen the launch of several boutique gyms and plenty of radical new workouts. Here are five of the best fitness classes to land in London’s luxury gyms.



Iron ZUU, Virgin Active

Iron ZUU, Virgin Active

What is it?
Launched this August, Iron ZUU combines heavy weightlifting with high mobility movements that draw inspiration from the animal kingdom. It might sound kooky but this class will get results and provide a whole-body workout like no other.

ZUU is a hugely popular fitness trend in Australia that has just reached the UK. The 30-minute class targets your body from head to toe, and will see you frog squatting between deadlifts and bicep curling between bear crawls. You could burn 500 calories in just one session.

Nathan Helberg, Virgin Active’s Movement Ambassador and the creator of Iron ZUU, says: “Weightlifters are incredibly strong in singular planes of motion, but I’ve found that if you take them out of their comfort zone and intersperse weights with functional movements, then you take their strength and fitness to a whole new level.”

Iron ZUU, Virgin Active

Be ready to grit your teeth, chant out loud and high five your fellow class-goers.

How and where?
Iron ZUU is available at 21 Virgin Active clubs across the UK, including Walbrook, Mayfair, Northwood and Broadgate luxury Virgin Active Collection clubs. All classes are complimentary for members.

Five Brilliant London-Based Fitness Classes To Try This Autumn

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