Simple Ways to Fight Against the Stresses of Modern Life

Simple Ways to Fight Against the Stresses of Modern Life

We all have those days where we need to take some time to soothe ourselves and get back to calm. Modern life is stressful, and we’re all juggling a lot. We’ve rounded up our top-picks to have you feeling restored and ready for whatever life throws at you next.

Hands up who gets to the end of a week and says “good grief, I need a break.” This probably describes most of you reading this. Modern-life is tough and please don’t get us started on the stress it brings! The only way to prevent stress is to make your mind and body happy! However, it’s easier said than done, and that’s why we need a guide.

Often we don’t know what’s making us feel wound-up, anxious or sometimes lethargic, we simply know that’s how we’re feeling. Human beings are complicated things, and often something that seems to be completely unrelated can help to make you feel better. Take, for example, gut health, did you know that the health of a gut has an impact on mental well-being? Researchers have said that if you control the bacterial population of the gastrointestinal tract, it could help improve symptoms of mental disorders. It’s things like this which can make all the difference to how you feel.

Below, we’ve listed some products which should put you on the right track to a calmer, more stress-free life.

Incorporate CBD

Soothe You CBD Drink Drops

CBD has grown in popularity with many using CBD for its health benefits as well as its potential power to soothe and calm feelings of stress and anxiety. Traditional CBD oils tend to have an acquired taste, which can make taking it less tempting. Pollen has created a line of high-quality CBD products with tempting flavours that make incorporating CBD into your life easier and more delicious.

Why not try their Soothe You CBD Drink Drops (£135.00) and declutter your headspace. Soothe You drink drops promote a sense of balance and serenity with yummy raspberry and grapefruit extract. Made with water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp oil, unlike other hemp oils that separate out adding an oily layer, Pollen’s Soothe You CBD drops dissolve in all hot and cold drinks and are perfect for adding to sparkling water or a smoothie!

Get Productive Rest

Burnout Coach Rosie Millen

One of the UK’s Leading Burnout Coaches, Rosie Millen specialises in burnout and helping others transform their energy by making changes to their diet, lifestyle and mindset. She recommends including some productive rest into your day. “This is something I encourage my clients to do every day: For 10 minutes in the morning or the evening take yourself away and lie down to do some deep breathing and switch off your mind. Our minds are constantly busy and naturally tend to overthink. By taking ten each day and just breathing out slowly, it actually lowers the stress hormone cortisol.”

Soothe Problem Skin

Lyonsleaf multi-award-winning Calendula Cream

Lyonsleaf multi-award-winning Calendula Cream (£10.95) is a targeted anti-inflammatory emollient for problem skin. It is suitable for adults and children over three years. The cream is water-free, and a small pot goes a lot further than you may expect! Ingredient include Calendula – a natural, powerful anti-inflammatory that promotes healing and cell regeneration but does not have the side-effects associated with topical steroids. Essential oils heal, soothe, reduce itching and balance the production of sebum, improving both dry and oily skin. The cold-pressed plant oils and the finest emollients, moisturise by repairing and maintaining skins barrier function.

Maintaining the skin barrier is the most effective way of hydrating skin because it restores the skins ability to seal in moisture drawn from the dermis below and from the humidity in the air. Dry skin is caused when skin barrier fails, and excessive moisture escapes, the drying effect causes more cracks in the barrier, more moisture lost and a vicious circle ensues. Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream effectively puts an end to this cycle.

Ditch Dieting

Shapeline Pro-Ven Probiotics

Most of us feel like we have some pounds to lose, perhaps you have a wedding coming up or a sunny holiday? New research commissioned by Pro-Ven Probiotics questioned 2,003 respondents throughout the UK and found that over three quarters (79%) of Brits are self-conscious about their waist, stomach and abs – with almost all of those struggling to lose weight in those areas (90% waist and 89% stomach and abs). We’ve all been there, that feeling of worry that you aren’t going to feel your best at what should be a joyous occasion! Introducing ShapeLine, the first probiotic with proven weight loss benefits.

In the most extensive clinical study of its kind on the effect of probiotics on weight loss, participants of all ages saw a reduction in their weight, waist circumference and BMI after taking one Pro-Ven Probiotics ShapeLine capsule every day, for six months. This probiotic provided weight loss of between 3 and 7lbs, reduction in waist circumference of 1-2 cm and a reduction in BMI by 1-4%.

What makes this even more impressive is that the participants in the study didn’t have to follow a calorie-controlled diet and incredibly, made no changes to lifestyle or exercise regimes. What this showed is that all of the weight reduction benefits were as a result of the probiotic. You can read more about the Shapeline Pro-Ven Probiotics in a separate article here.

Make Time For Meditation
“Honestly if you haven’t started doing this yet I really encourage you! The best thing mediation does is to reduce anxiety. So if you are in a state of overwhelm, then you need to start doing it now! It really helps to centre and focus your mind to a more relaxed, positive state,” adds Rosie.

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