ZHIYUN’s New MOLUS G60 & X100 Make Professional Lighting Simple

ZHIYUN's New MOLUS G60 & X100 Film and Photography Lights Make Pro Lighting Simple

ZHIYUN, the innovative Chinese company best known for its high-quality gimbals and stabilisers, has recently turned its attention to lighting. Its latest two launches, the MOLUS G60 and the MOLUS X100, professional pocket film lights are designed for both amateur and seasoned content creators, and in this feature, we look closely at what each has to offer.

The launch of this compact yet powerful new range follows its recent entry into the professional lighting industry and follows its successful 2022 introduction of the FIVERAY lighting stable. With these new lightweight, one-man operational, powerful lights, ZHIYUN upends the notions of cumbersome, complicated, cinematic lighting products that require additional crew.

The lights being used on location for an outdoor interview

Pioneering technology with power and vintage-style poise
The ZHIYUN MOLUS G60 and ZHIYUN MOLUS X100 both offer bold retro styling without compromising on performance.

MOLUS G60 is as small as a Rubik’s Cube and is ultra-portable at just 300g, offering up to 60W of power at its maximum output. The MOLUS G60 provides an excellent colour CCT (correlated colour temperature) range of 2700K – 6500K, which can be simply adjusted via an intuitive brightness knob.

A content creator setting up a G60 light

It boasts a colour rendering index (CRI) of ≥96 2367 lux and a television light consistency index (TLCI) of ≥97, which makes for an accurate rendition of the subject’s colours. For added convenience, the G60 can be charged with either an adaptive power supply system, a DC power adaptor, or a PD fast charge method.

A closeup view of the X100 light

The MOLUS X100 rivals heavier cinematic lights on the market, coming in at just 385g to provide 100W professional power output, as well as the simplest and most efficient set-up. Users can adjust the light’s colour, temperature and brightness easily for the desired effect. The MOLUS X100’s CCT ranges from 2700K-6500K, 3881 lux; the CRI≥95, and the TLCI≥97.

On-the-go content creators can minimise downtime with three ways to power up the light, choosing between the grip battery, DC adapter and the 100W PD fast charge.

Xiaozhuo Feng, Product Manager, ZHIYUN, said, “X100 is a portable and pocket-sized 100W COB light that is always ready-to-go in any scenario, thanks to its camera-like design. It breaks down the industry stereotypes of bulky COB lighting.”

DynaVort Cooling System™: uninterrupted silky-smooth illumination
Both the G60 and the X100 COB lighting tools adopt ZHIYUN’s patented DynaVort Cooling System™, which deploys gyroscope modelling heat sinks and field-oriented control (FOC) fans.

The disruptive technology is based on fluid dynamics and an attitude control algorithm, significantly raising the cooling efficiency ability through intelligent control over airflow emissions – preventing overheating.

This means content creators get 100% smooth illumination output without flickering. Supported by ZHIYUN self-developed discharge technology, the ZHIYUN MOLUS range can be relied on for 100% output to secure that all-important shoot.

The G100 being used inside a plane to illuminate a man

Unwieldy cinematic lighting, multi-crew set-up stereotypes shattered
G60 & X100 COB lights are small, powerful and versatile enough for excellent performance in multiple professional scenarios, including live streaming and, with the addition of the ZY Mount ecosystem, for portrait and still-life photography, TV commercials, and interviews.

Yilun Liao, the founder of ZHIYUN, said, “ZHIYUN is a brand that dares to think big and realise its boldest technical ideas. We do the hard work to make filming easy. The launch of the MOLUS X100 and G60 is no different. Whether you are a professional in the film industry, part of a small creative team, or a freelance or amateur videographer, ZHIYUN’s innovative and convenient products offer something to inspire anyone passionate enough to turn their imagination into reality.”

Images showing what's inside the two new lighting combo kits

Both products come with a convenient storage bag, facilitating a fast anytime, anywhere set-up. MOLUS G60 and X100 feature a Live Mode to enable lights turning-on by the group once connected to the power supply. The Bluetooth Mesh Efficient Remote Control feature of MOLUS G60 and MOLUS X100 allows for controlled and adjustable lighting at your fingertips.

ZHIYUN’s X100, in addition, features Music Mode, a recording function that enables automatic lighting control along with musical accompaniment to create a special atmosphere. The Bluetooth Mesh For Remote Control simplifies the workflow with the Bluetooth mesh to adjust the parameters by group, enhancing the lighting efficiency and convenience substantially.

The G60 Light with a mini softbox

ZHIYUN MOLUS G60 Combo comes with the following accessories:

  • Power supply accessories: DC power adapter + cable
  • Light modifiers: ZHIYUN Mini Softbox (ZY Mount), ZHIYUN Mini Reflector (ZY Mount), ZHIYUN Diffusion Dome
  • Extension accessories: Bowens Mount Adapter (ZY Mount)
  • Storage accessories: power adapter organiser bag, storage bag
  • Quick start guide, Tripod (M2)

*ZHIYUN G60: PD fast charge supports a maximum power input of 100W, and a minimum of 18W. The ordinary fast charge is also supported. You can check the current power on the screen. The maximum power output is 60W. *The data is gathered at a distance of 1.0m.

The MOLUS X100 Light being used to illuminate a female subject

ZHIYUN MOLUS X100 Pro comes with the following accessories:

  • Power supply accessories:, X100 grip battery, 120W DC power adapter & cable
  • Light modifiers: ZHIYUN Mini Reflector (ZY Mount), ZHIYUN Bowen Mount Adapter (ZY Mount), ZHIYUN Mini Softbox (ZY Mount)
  • Storage accessories: power adapter organiser bag, storage bag, pocket light strap
  • Quick start guide
  • The X100 Combo package includes all the accessories in the Pro package except ZHIYUN Mini Softbox (ZY Mount).

*ZHIYUN X100: It is recommended to use the DC adapter with input over 100W. The X100 grip battery weighs 440g and is not included in the standard package. The max input power of the battery is 30W. X100 can work for 30min at 100W. The data is gathered at a distance of 1.0m.

Available from 20 March 2023.

The ZHIYUN MOLUS X100 is available from the ZHIYUN and Amazon store.

Prices are as follows:

  • X100 = £269
  • X100 combo = £369
  • X100 pro = £419

The ZHIYUN MOLUS G60 is available from the ZHIYUN and Amazon store.

  • G60 = £219
  • G60 Combo = £269

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